Research progress of ultra-high temperature ceramic composite materials


[Institution] School of Aerospace, Harbin Institute of Technology;

【Abstract】 Ultra-high temperature ceramic composite materials are mainly composed of transition group refractory borides, carbides and nitrides such as ZrB2, ZrC, HfB2, HfN, HfC and TaC. The melting point of these materials is higher than 3000℃, which is a very important class of materials. High-temperature structural materials have received great attention in both basic research and technical applications in recent years. In the ultra-high temperature ceramic composite family, ZrB2-SiC and Hf B2-SiC based ultra-high temperature ceramic composites have excellent comprehensive properties. Properties, including excellent oxidation/ablation resistance, good high-temperature strength retention and moderate thermal shock resistance, can be used in oxidizing environments above 2000°C for a long time. These unique properties make them ideal for hypersonic flight, The most promising candidate materials for use in extreme environments such as re-entry and rocket propulsion. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the preparation, mechanical properties, thermal shock resistance, oxidation/ablative resistance and thermal response of ultra-high temperature ceramic composites. Summary. The relationship between the components, microstructure and properties of ultra-high temperature ceramic composites is discussed in detail, and the impact of additives on material properties is also discussed. This provides a comprehensive understanding of ultra-high temperature ceramic composites in specific use environments. Optimization of performance provides effective design principles and methods. In addition, this article also points out the current challenges of ultra-high temperature ceramic composites and looks forward to future development trends. More reduction

【Key words】 Ultra-high temperature ceramic material ZrB2; HfB2; Mechanical properties; Thermal shock resistance; Oxidation; Ablation;