High temperature deformation measurement system

The deformation measurement of the sample under high temperature is led to the outside of the furnace through a high-temperature extension mechanism. A differential transformer, strain gauge, or electronic micrometer is fixed on the outside part of the furnace of the long and short extension plates (rods).


Use of thermocouples

K type - metal mechanical properties (environmental) test - using Class II thermoelectric JJG351-96 "Verification Regulations for Industrial Cheap Metal Thermocouples" Ni190%Gr10% is the positive electrode//Ni97%, Si3% is the negative electrode


Things to note when selecting high-temperature mechanical equipment for metal materials

Standards related to high temperature mechanics of metallic materials: GB/T4338 "High Temperature Tensile Test Methods for Metallic Materials", HB5195 "Metal High Temperature Tensile Test Method"


Selection method of mechanical testing equipment for ultra-high temperature structural ceramics

With the rapid development of my country's aviation and aerospace technology, engine and turbine blade materials are developing in the direction of being more resistant to high temperatures, lighter and stronger. Among them, C-SiC composite structural materials have become one of the many domestic materials due to their excellent performance. Research objects of universities and scientific research institutes
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