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We will be happy to provide you with quality products and services!

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We will be happy to provide you with quality products and services!

SINCE 2001

Entering Fang Rui Technology

Changchun Fangrui Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changchun City, Jilin Province, which is known as the North Spring City. The company was founded in July 2001. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the core concept of "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation as the enterprise development orientation". And focus on the technical research and development and manufacturing of "thermal-mechanical" test equipment and its derivatives, R & D and manufacturing of various types of products have been widely used in a variety of new types of high-temperature alloys, special insoluble metals, high-temperature ceramics, low-temperature superconducting materials and a variety of new metal, non-metallic composite materials, mechanical properties testing work.

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Fang Rui information

FANGRUI information



2500℃ ultra-high temperature vacuum multifunctional mechanical testing system

The various technical indicators and overall comprehensive technical performance of Changchun Fangrui Technology Co., Ltd.'s new high-precision, sophisticated aerospace materials testing equipment "2500°C ultra-high temperature vacuum multi-functional mechanical testing system" have been successfully upgraded and improved after actual evaluation by industry experts!



GWDL—1200 type ultra-large window, ultra-long constant temperature zone//L=180mm high temperature tensile test electric furnace

Changchun Fangrui Technology Co., Ltd.'s latest technological breakthrough in high-temperature mechanical performance testing equipment in 2020, "GWDL-1200 type ultra-large window, ultra-long constant temperature zone//L=180mm high-temperature tensile test electric furnace", was successfully powered on in one time! The GWDL-1200 ultra-large window high-temperature electric furnace meets the needs of customers for tension, compression, bending and shear testing of metals, non-metals and composite materials in high-temperature atmospheric environments of 200℃-1200℃, making it convenient for customers to observe the inside of the high-temperature furnace at any time. Sample test conditions, and can be equipped with a non-contact video extensometer according to customer requirements to accurately measure the deformation of the sample under high temperature.



2300℃ ultra-high temperature (high vacuum) durable creep comprehensive testing system

In recent years, our company has undertaken a number of national key scientific research projects. Among them, the "2300℃ ultra-high temperature and high vacuum durable creep multi-functional comprehensive testing system" has been verified by many industry experts and used in actual tests, and its various technical indicators are excellent.