2300℃ ultra-high temperature (high vacuum) durable creep comprehensive testing system


In recent years, our company has undertaken a number of national key scientific research projects. Among them, the "2300℃ ultra-high temperature and high vacuum durable creep multi-functional comprehensive testing system" has been verified and used by many industry experts in actual tests. Its various technical indicators are excellent. Not only can it meet the testing and use requirements of relevant national technical standards and collaborative technology agreements for special materials, but it can also fully meet the testing and use requirements of international standards such as American standards.

In recent years, our company has developed and produced a number of "ultra-high temperature and high vacuum" comprehensive testing equipment in response to the rapid development of technology and material testing and application needs in aviation, aerospace and special industries. All of them have been delivered to national key laboratories for use and are used in In actual use tests, it has received unanimous praise from the use department and relevant industry experts! At the same time, it has also made outstanding contributions to the widespread application and technological development of special materials in my country's high-end technology industry.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the industry experts, teachers and industry colleagues who have given us strong technical support!