Our company designs and manufactures the first "vacuum ultra-high temperature durable creep testing machine" in China


Let’s briefly describe it for your friends’ reference! Attached are some pictures of our company’s products [Our company’s latest domestic first “vacuum ultra-high temperature durable creep testing machine” can complete various organic, inorganic, new and ultra-high temperature tests under vacuum. For conventional long-lasting creep test requirements of high temperature, ultra-high temperature, low temperature, ultra-low temperature and quantitative filling of inert gas for molecular composite materials, the control system can realize "vacuum, step-by-step start and stop of the vacuum pump unit, AI artificial intelligence adjustment of temperature rise and fall and Compatible with PLC and DTC modules and other types of advanced control components, it integrates temperature control measurement system, power adjustment, vacuum measurement control, equipment working status monitoring and adjustment, test condition setting, test data and curve display and storage printing, and experimental data Functions such as import and export of control parameters, alarms and protection during equipment operation are all included, basically realizing automatic and fully intelligent control, and can fully meet the special environment, special gas composition and different process requirements of the relevant tested materials - and can be customized according to different materials. The test requires the formulation of specific process curves, that is, temperature, force value, deformation, speed, etc. The structural form can be vertical, horizontal or related non-standard forms and can be designed and manufactured according to the different needs of different materials. You can also choose our company Related "high-temperature vacuum, low-temperature vacuum, inert gas filling and ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature under the atmosphere" test equipment is used to complete and meet the test requirements of tension, compression, bending, shear, fatigue and crack propagation of the strength of the relevant measured materials. .