2500℃ ultra-high temperature vacuum multifunctional mechanical testing system

The various technical indicators and overall comprehensive technical performance of Changchun Fangrui Technology Co., Ltd.'s new high-precision, sophisticated aerospace materials testing equipment "2500°C ultra-high temperature vacuum multi-functional mechanical testing system" have been successfully upgraded and improved after actual evaluation by industry experts!


GWDL—1200 type ultra-large window, ultra-long constant temperature zone//L=180mm high temperature tensile test electric furnace

Changchun Fangrui Technology Co., Ltd.'s latest technological breakthrough in high-temperature mechanical performance testing equipment in 2020, "GWDL-1200 type ultra-large window, ultra-long constant temperature zone//L=180mm high-temperature tensile test electric furnace", was successfully powered on in one time! The GWDL-1200 ultra-large window high-temperature electric furnace meets the needs of customers for tension, compression, bending and shear testing of metals, non-metals and composite materials in high-temperature atmospheric environments of 200℃-1200℃, making it convenient for customers to observe the inside of the high-temperature furnace at any time. Sample test conditions, and can be equipped with a non-contact video extensometer according to customer requirements to accurately measure the deformation of the sample under high temperature.


2300℃ ultra-high temperature (high vacuum) durable creep comprehensive testing system

In recent years, our company has undertaken a number of national key scientific research projects. Among them, the "2300℃ ultra-high temperature and high vacuum durable creep multi-functional comprehensive testing system" has been verified by many industry experts and used in actual tests, and its various technical indicators are excellent.


Changchun Metro Line 1 vehicle——Little Snow Leopard

The trial operation of the first phase of Changchun Metro Line 1 is getting closer and closer. Changchun's first subway line has attracted great attention from the general public, and it will also greatly facilitate citizens' travel.


"Fuxing" sets off to let the world witness the power of "Chinese standards"

As economic development gradually shifts from factor-driven to innovation-driven, standardization strategy has become a core element in promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and leading the vigorous development of emerging industries. Solidly promoting the formulation of more "Chinese standards" will become a strong technical support for the transformation of "Made in China" into "Created in China".


Our company designs and manufactures the first "vacuum ultra-high temperature durable creep testing machine" in China

Let’s briefly describe it for your friends’ reference! Attached are some pictures of our company’s products [Our company’s latest domestic first “vacuum ultra-high temperature durable creep testing machine” can complete various organic, inorganic, new and ultra-high temperature tests under vacuum. Conventional long-lasting creep test requirements for molecular composite materials under high temperature, ultra-high temperature, low temperature, ultra-low temperature and quantitative inert gas filling state


Fangrui Technology participated in the 12th National Academic Symposium on High Temperature Materials and Strength

From August 19th to 23rd, Fangrui Technology participated in the 12th "National Academic Symposium on High Temperature Materials and Strength" sponsored by the High Temperature Materials and Strength Professional Committee and hosted by the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, and demonstrated to the participating experts and professors Our company has made progress in the field of high-temperature mechanics testing in recent years, and exchanged views on high-temperature mechanics testing technology with many professors, and visited the production base of Beijing Aerospace Materials Research Institute.


Fangrui Technology participated in the "First China Composite Materials Industry Innovation Achievements Technology Exhibition"

Our company participated in the first China Composite Materials Conference jointly sponsored by the China Composite Materials Society and the China Carbon Fiber and Composite Materials Industry Development Alliance in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu from September 21st to 23rd. We paid tribute to experts from AVIC and experts from various universities. The professor introduced our company’s application of high-temperature mechanical testing technology in the field of composite materials
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