2500℃ ultra-high temperature vacuum multifunctional mechanical testing system


The various technical indicators and overall comprehensive technical performance of Changchun Fangrui Technology Co., Ltd.’s new high-precision aerospace materials testing equipment “2500°C ultra-high temperature vacuum multifunctional mechanical testing system” have been successfully upgraded and improved after actual evaluation by industry experts!

This new testing equipment integrates today's cutting-edge material testing technology at home and abroad. The maximum operating temperature can reach 2500°C. It has intelligent control, functional use, accurate mechanical data measurement of materials, vacuum ultra-high temperature and inert protective gas special environment. The rationality of the structural supporting equipment required for effective configuration, material tension-compression-bending-shear and other tests, the precise measurement of material deformation and the quick export of data, and the reliability and rationality of the overall structural function of the test equipment are all carried out. A perfect and effective improvement! Making it more suitable for the current rapid development of aerospace, weapons and equipment (metals, non-metals, special high-temperature alloys, ceramic composites, carbon-carbon composites, etc.) special materials for accurate and rapid testing and use requirements ! Its comprehensive technical performance is at the leading technological level at home and abroad. And it has been fully verified in actual operation and use! At the same time, it has won unanimous praise from industry experts and industry colleagues! The overall layout and structural design of the equipment have also been highly praised by industry experts and industry colleagues!