GWDL—1200 type ultra-large window, ultra-long constant temperature zone//L=180mm high temperature tensile test electric furnace


Changchun Fangrui Technology Co., Ltd.'s latest technological breakthrough in high-temperature mechanical performance testing equipment in 2020, "GWDL-1200 type ultra-large window, ultra-long constant temperature zone//L=180mm high-temperature tensile test electric furnace", was successfully powered on in one time! The GWDL-1200 ultra-large window high-temperature electric furnace meets the needs of customers for tension, compression, bending and shear testing of metals, non-metals and composite materials in high-temperature atmospheric environments of 200℃-1200℃, making it convenient for customers to observe the inside of the high-temperature furnace at any time. Sample test conditions, and can be equipped with a non-contact video extensometer according to customer requirements to accurately measure the deformation of the sample under high temperature.

This high-temperature tensile test electric furnace breaks through the traditional structural design. Without changing the basic dimensions (continuation) of the outer furnace body, it has effectively improved the overall technology and designed and produced a front-facing deep opening observation window ( On the basis of traditional mechanical quantity conversion to electrical variable measurement of material deformation, it is more convenient to use video to measure deformation) and the axial constant temperature zone L is super long and effectively extended... After the product upgrade, its performance is more powerful, and its effective constant temperature zone crosses 360 degrees horizontally. Temperature sensors at multiple points (12+3) in the large L range (including the window side) are deployed at the same time... Each temperature point and each temperature range has better intelligent control, stable coordination, stable output, and more perfect measurement and control data. The technical indicators are excellent and can fully meet the testing and use requirements of navigation aids, national standards and related international standards!