YAW-300 microcomputer controlled cement constant stress pressure testing machine

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1. Product introduction

This series of testing machines uses AC servo system to drive AC servo motor, and drives the ball screw through precision reducer deceleration, which ensures high precision, low noise and stable operation of the whole equipment. The microcomputer control is used to display various information such as test force and test force peak, and the interface is beautiful and concise, and the computer realizes the screen display of test data and test curve, disk storage, database management and other functions. Connect to the printer and output the experimental data report; The product has the characteristics of high precision, superior performance, high reliability and convenient operation. This machine has a strong expansion function; With the addition of attachments, the bending test and other compressive tests of other materials can be completed.


2. Function introduction


1. The testing machine adopts a double-column frame structure, the upper pressure plate is installed on the upper fixed beam, the lower pressure plate is loaded upward on the sample under the action of driving the precision ball screw, and the AC servo control and transmission system are installed in the lower part of the main engine. The testing machine adopts AC servo speed regulation system, which drives the precision ball screw for testing, which can realize a wide range of adjustment of the test speed, and the test process is stable and efficient.

2. The computer system, according to the national standards "GB/T17761-1999 Cement Mortar Strength Test Method" and "GB10238-2005 Oil Well Cement", independently completes the setting of test parameters, the control of the test process, data collection, processing, analysis and display in the test process. It is possible to perform both single-piece and group tests. The control and measurement are precise, accurate, fast, convenient and reliable.

3. The computer system counts and processes the test data, prints the test curves and reports of various requirements, and can realize the functions of storage and networking.

4. It has the function of returning to the initial position after the test, which is efficient and fast.

5. Full mechanical structure, from servo motor to servo reducer, fully sealed, no need to replace the lubricating oil during use, avoid the oil leakage of the hydraulic testing machine, and there is no pressure oil leakage and proportional valve blockage; It is more conducive to the cleanliness of the laboratory environment.


Third, the main technical parameters


Product model YAW-300
Maximum Test Force (KN) 300
Force Measurement Range (KN) 30~300
Accuracy of the test force indication value ±0.5%
Minimum Display Force (KN) 0.01
The load controls the loading speed 0—4.8 KN/S
Compressive test space(mm) 200
Ball screw stroke(mm) 100
Power supply(kw) 220V 1KW
Host dimensions(mm) 630*400*1400
Weight(kg) About 350


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