YAW series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine

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1. Product introduction    

This series of products is mainly used for compressive strength testing of metal, non-metallic materials and concrete test blocks, refractory bricks, aerated bricks and other blocks. This series of testing machines is composed of a servo control system composed of electro-hydraulic proportional servo valves with a wide range of speed regulation, computers and measurement and control units, which can accurately control and measure the whole process of testing. The whole machine is composed of the main engine, hydraulic source, computer acquisition and processing system and other parts; The main engine adopts a single-space frame structure with oil cylinder lower type, four columns and fixed beams, and the spacing of the pressure plates is electrically adjusted by a single lead screw; The lower platen is equipped with a spherical support device, and the parallelism between the platens can be adjusted immediately during the test. The pressure plate size can also be manufactured according to user requirements; The single-head double-acting cylinder can be manually adjusted for piston lifting, which is especially suitable for rapid detection of groups of specimens.


2. Function introduction

1. Perform accurate compression tests on the specimen at different loading rates.

2. It has two measurement channels of test force and displacement, and realizes the point-by-point measurement of various test parameters such as test force, stress and displacement corresponding to it, and the loading rate is controlled at will by rotating the handle of the oil inlet valve.

3. Automatically collect, process and display test data, and automatically measure various feature points of the tested material; The test software can also be modified according to the testing standards required by the user to measure the required characteristic values.

4. Automatically draw a variety of test curves such as force-displacement, force-time, displacement-time, etc., automatically edit the test report and print it out in a timely manner.

5. It has two control channels of test force and displacement and three control modes corresponding to test force, stress and displacement, and the control mode can be switched randomly.

6. Constant rate test force, constant rate stress, constant rate displacement test and constant test force, constant stress and constant displacement test can be carried out.

7. It has a powerful database and a variety of interface formats for users to choose from to help users realize LAN communication.


Third, the main technical parameters


Product model       YAW-1000         YAW-2000           YAW-3000
Maximum Test Force (KN)            1000            2000                3000
Force measurement range 2%-100% of maximum test force
Accuracy of the test force indication value Better than ±1%
Displacement measurement accuracy Better than ±0.5% FS
Compression test space (mm)      400       400       400
Net spacing between four columns (mm)     330*330     330*330     360*360
Working piston stroke (mm)      100      100       100
Platen size (mm)     ∮300     ∮300    300*300
Host Dimensions (mm)   560*520*1500   560*520*1500   770*650*1980
Weight (kg) About 2500 About 2500 About 3500

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