JBS digital display semi-automatic impact testing machine

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1. Product introduction


JBS impact testing machine is used to determine the performance of metal materials to resist impact under dynamic load, so as to judge the properties of materials under dynamic load, in line with GB/T3808-2002 and GB/T229-2007. This testing machine uses the difference between the potential energy before the impact of the pendulum and the remaining potential energy after the impact to be displayed on the degree plate to obtain the absorption work of the sample; The PLC-up controller is used to control the test process, the operation is simple, the work efficiency is high, the residual energy is used to automatically swing after the sample is broken, and the reverse lift angle of the pendulum after the sample is broken by the sensor, and the β value of the reverse lift angle and the work done by the pendulum on the sample are automatically displayed (liquid crystal display). Optional micro printer can print test data, including: AK value, impact toughness ak value, average work of three samples (AK/3) and time and serial number. It is suitable for a large number of metallurgy, machinery manufacturing plants, pressure vessel factories, etc. Note: Micro printer is optional.


Second, the main technical parameters


Product model               JBS-300              JBS-500
Impact Energy (J)                    300                   500
Impact energy range       0-150J/0-300J          0-250J/0-500J
Angular resolution                 ≤0.1°                  ≤0.1°
The value of the dial for each cell 1D/2D: 2.5D/5D/<>D
Pendulum force (impact constant)

0—150J   0—300J

M=80.3848N.m M=160.7695N.m

0—250J   0—500J

M=133.9746N.m M=267.9492N.m

The pendulum is pre-raised

                  150°                  150°
The distance from the center of rotation of the pendulum shaft to the point of impact (the center of the specimen).               750mm                800mm
Impact velocity              5.2m/s               5.4m/s
Specimen support span                40mm                 40mm
Jaw rounded corners             R1—1.5mm              R1—1.5mm
Impact blade fillet corners               R2—2.5mm             R2—2.5mm
Specimen specifications 55×10(7.5/5)×10mm 55×10(7.5/5)×10mm


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