SAS, SAM series rock triaxial testing machines

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1. Product introduction

This product is mainly used for compression deformation test (uniaxial and triaxial) of cylindrical rock and concrete specimens with an aspect ratio of 2~2.5, and shear deformation test of cubic rock with an edge length of 150mm or equal to <>mm, cement concrete, concrete and rock cemented surface.

This product is used for the following mechanical property tests (both at room temperature and in high and low temperature environments):

1. Uniaxial compression test: test uniaxial compressive strength, elastic modulus, deformation modulus (secant modulus), Poisson's ratio, softening coefficient;

2. Uniaxial creep test: test the time benefit, rheology, long-term strength of rock deformation, and obtain the viscosity coefficient;

3. Triaxial compression test: test triaxial compressive strength (under different confining pressures), elastic modulus, shear strength, Poisson's ratio;

4. Direct shear test: test shear strength, shear strength, cohesion, internal friction angle and shear strength;

5. Porosity hydrostatic test: test permeability;

6. Multipath loading test: to determine the influence of loading path on the mechanical properties of rock;

Additional tests can be carried out with the appropriate attachments:

1. Splitting test (Brazilian method): determination of tensile strength;

2. Variable angle shear test: to determine the shear strength at a certain angle;

3. Three-point bending test: determine the fracture toughness;

4. Acoustic emission system: the sonic intensity level of rock fission;


Second, the main technical parameters


Axial maximum test force (KN) 1000、2000、3000、5000
Effective force range 2%~100%
Relative error of the indication ±1
Piston stroke(mm) 100、200

Main structure and stiffness K

K≥10000KN/mm (portal type high stiffness type)

K≥5000KN/mm (<>-column medium stiffness type)

Maximum Circumference Pressure(MPa) 80
Effective pressure range 2%~100%
Relative error of the indication ±1
Horizontal maximum force (KN) 500、1000
Effective force range 1%~100%
Relative error of the indication Regular: ±1, high configuration: ±0.5
Piston stroke(mm) ≥80
Deformation measurement range (mm) 0~10
Control mode There are three modes of force, deformation and displacement, which can be smoothly switched

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