ND series microcomputer controlled torsion testing machine

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1. Product introduction

   It is used for the test of torsional properties of metal and non-metal standard specimens and parts, and measures torsional performance parameters such as torsional strength τb, upper yield point τsu, and lower yield point τsl. (For example, equipped with a torsion gauge, it can measure the shear modulus G, specify the non-proportional torsional stress τp, the maximum non-proportional shear strain γp and other parameters).

The testing machine is composed of imported servo motor and drive, torque sensor, clamping system, liquid crystal display measurement and control system, host bench and computer software system.

The clamping method has three-jaw chuck structure, counter-clamp structure, etc., which can be selected from different characteristic materials.


Second, the main technical parameters


Model ND-200 ND-500 ND-1000 ND-2000
The maximum torque is N.m 200 500 1000 2000
Torque measurement range 1%~100%FS
Torque indication error ±1%
Torque resolution 1/300000
Corner measurement range 0~99999
Corner indication error  ±0.5%
Corner resolution 1/300000
Active chuck speed 0~720/min
Loading direction Forward and negative directions
Clamping range mm ∮5~∮20 ∮8~∮40 ∮12~∮60
Chuck spacing mm 300 600
Dimensions mm 1000*450*1050 1690*430*1090 2000*480*1100
Motor power V/KW 220/0.2   220/0.4 220/1

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