2500℃~1600℃ high temperature and high vacuum (inflatable) mechanical comprehensive testing system

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1. Product introduction

This system is used for high-temperature mechanical property testing of difficult-to-melt metals, ceramics and other materials in the temperature range of 600~2500°C and high vacuum. Including short-term tensile test, fatigue test, low cycle cycle, long-lasting creep and other tests. The corresponding test fixtures can also be used for compression, three-point bending, short beam shear, double notch shear and other tests. The deformation of the material during the test is measured.


Second, the system composition

       The system consists of: vacuum chamber, high-temperature furnace heating system, temperature measuring element and automatic switching system, temperature-vacuum measurement control system, high-temperature test fixture, deformation measurement system, vacuum unit, constant temperature water-cooled unit, electrical control system, testing machine and room temperature accessories.



Third, the main performance characteristics

1. Vacuum chamber: front door, double-layer water cooling structure. Made of high-temperature, non-magnetic stainless steel with a passivated surface.

2. The vacuum chamber is divided into two chambers, the upper chamber is the high temperature test chamber and the lower chamber is the deformation measurement chamber, which is equipped with observation windows. A thermocouple is installed in the deformation measurement chamber to detect the temperature in the chamber.

3. Vacuum unit composition: (imported from Germany) mechanical pump + molecular pump. The molecular pump adopts a magnetic levitation support structure with a speed of ≥ 37000r/min, which can meet the requirements of high temperature test steady-state vacuum ≤ 5×10-3Pa high vacuum environment.

[Domestic molecular pump can also be selected, high temperature steady-state vacuum ≤5×10-2Pa]

4. The heating elements of the electric furnace are two sets of arc-shaped refractory metal heating elements, which can obtain a long soaking zone and make the sample evenly heated.

5. Multi-layer heat shield insulation method is adopted to effectively prevent heat radiation.

6. The photoelectric colorimeter is located behind the side of the vacuum chamber, and the position is fixed relative to the vacuum chamber, which can prevent the movement of human collision.

7. The temperature measurement and control adopts two sets of thermocouple and photoelectric colorimeter, and is equipped with an automatic switching system, which adopts pneumatic push, stable entry and exit, and accurate positioning. With a special sealing structure, the thermocouple enters and exits the high-temperature area without affecting the vacuum level.

8. Select C-C composites, W alloys, and Mo alloy materials to make high-temperature test fixtures according to the use temperature.

9. Imported displacement sensor is adopted, which can work stably at 200°C.

10. The central control system adopts embedded integrated touch screen HMI, which can dynamically display parameters and curves, and can integrate all components into the system management.

11. The temperature control and measurement system reserves a PC communication interface, and can be equipped with computer software, which has the functions of data collection, document storage, parameter setting, retrieval and analysis, and can set the program for automatic operation.

12. Customized material testing machine on demand; Customized tensile, compression, bending and other test fixtures and deformation measurement systems.

13. Safety device: with water cut-off, power-off and water cut-off, abnormal pressure, over-temperature protection, under-pressure protection, overload protection, over-current protection, phase sequence protection, fuse, over-temperature alarm and other functions.

14. The testing machine can be configured in the electronic universal testing machine, creep durability testing machine or dynamic fatigue testing machine according to the use requirements.


Fourth, the main technical parameters and specifications





Operating temperature




Working status

Vacuum or inflat

Average tropical length

≥50mm or customized

Temperature gradient







Temperature fluctuations


Heating elements

Molybdenum alloy and tungsten alloy are selected according to the operating temperature














≤5×10-4Pa (稳态)


8×10-5Pa  (冷态)







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