ZK series high temperature vacuum (inflatable) comprehensive test system (horizontal structure)

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1. Product introduction

ZK series high temperature and high vacuum comprehensive test system can carry out mechanical tests in various high temperature and high vacuum environments below 5°C under high vacuum conditions (up to 10x4-2500 Pa). Including short-term tensile test, fatigue test, long-lasting creep and other tests.

The test system is composed of vacuum furnace body, heating body, temperature measuring element, temperature control and measurement system, power supply system, vacuum system, inert gas filling system, water cooling system, etc.

The high-temperature vacuum test system can choose the most suitable heating body, temperature measurement method, deformation measurement method, and matching vacuum unit according to the actual requirements of customers, so as to meet different test requirements and fully reduce costs.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. The furnace body adopts the front door cylindrical or semi-cylindrical structure + arc door structure, which is suitable for testing in a high vacuum environment. The furnace body material is high-temperature resistant non-magnetized stainless steel, which is suitable for use in high-current environments. The surface is passivated, and the furnace body and door adopt a double-layer water-cooled structure.

2. The inner double space structure of the furnace body, the upper cavity is the high temperature area, the tensile test is carried out, and the lower cavity is the deformation measurement area, which is equipped with a heat shield to block the radiant heat and ensure that the deformation sensor is not damaged.

3. The front door of the furnace is equipped with an observation window, which is used to measure and control the furnace with a photoelectric colorimeter according to different operating temperatures.

4. The fixture rod is made of molybdenum alloy, tungsten alloy and other materials according to the requirements of use, so that it can work more stably in different temperature environments.

5. The lever is equipped with a water cooling device, which can effectively prevent heat conduction to the sensor.

6. The dynamic seal of the upper and lower tie rods is made of imported welded bellows, which is soft, afterburner and frictionless. The furnace body is equipped with an adjustment device in the X and Y directions to ensure that the bellows are in an ideal working position.

7. The heating element is made of resistance wire, tungsten (molybdenum) alloy wire (sheet) and other materials according to the need, and the structure is specially designed and made to meet the requirements of temperature deviation and temperature gradient.

8. The exterior of the heating element is equipped with multi-layer high-temperature resistant metal heat shield, which can effectively prevent radiant heat.

9. Temperature measuring elements include K type, N type thermocouple, double platinum rhodium thermocouple, tungsten-rhenium thermocouple, imported photoelectric colorimeter, etc. for customers to choose.

10. Low voltage, high current power supply, safe and reliable.

      11. Deformation measurement: According to different requirements, you can choose double-sided extension rod + imported differential transformer measurement or imported extensometer to directly measure the deformation within the gauge distance. The imported extensometer is small in size, high in measurement accuracy and strong in anti-interference ability. The deformation device is uniquely designed and can be used for tensile, creep, and tension-compression fatigue "zero-crossing" tests.

12. The vacuum unit can be combined with mechanical pump + roots pump + diffusion pump, mechanical pump + diffusion pump, mechanical pump + domestic molecular pump, mechanical pump + imported molecular pump according to the vacuum requirements.


3. Main technical parameters and specifications


Model  ZK-800  ZK-1600 ZK-2000  ZK-2500
Operating temperature 100~800℃ 800~1600℃ 800~2000℃ 800~2500℃
Working status High temperature vacuum, inflated
Average tropical length ≥50mm or customized

Temperature deviations

100~800℃ 800~1200℃ 1200~1600℃ 1600~2500℃
±3℃ ±5℃ ±8℃ ±12℃
Temperature gradient ≤3℃
Heating elements Resistance wire, molybdenum alloy, tungsten alloy, etc. are selected according to the working temperature
Temperature measuring element K type, N type, S type, B type tungsten rhenium thermocouple, photoelectric colorimeter, etc. are selected according to the working temperature
Sensitivity of temperature measurement 0.1℃
Temperature measurement accuracy Thermocouple accuracy class II, photoelectric colorimeter ±0.5%
Number of temperature measurement points 3 points in the tropics
Rate of warming 5~50℃/min
Deformation measurement Imported differential transformer, minimum indexing 1um, linear 0.25%FS or high temperature extensometer
working vacuum 10-1~10-3Pa, choose vacuum unit according to requirements
Ultimate vacuum degree 10-4 Pa
inflation rate 0.1L/S adjustable, choose argon purifier according to requirements


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