1200℃ high temperature vacuum mechanics comprehensive testing system (vertical structure)

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1. Product introduction

 This system is used for testing the mechanical properties of metals or other materials within the range of 300~1200°C and under vacuum conditions. Including short-term tensile, low-cycle cycle, long-lasting creep and other tests.


Second, performance characteristics

  According to the vacuum requirements, choose imported molecular pump + imported mechanical pump, domestic mechanical pump + domestic molecular pump or mechanical pump + diffusion pump as the vacuum pump group. 

The heating element of FeCrAl or Mo wire is used, and the heat shield is made of Mo alloy, heat-resistant steel plate or ceramic material, and the gas release volume is small in the high temperature environment to ensure the test environment of high temperature and high vacuum.

The Epsilon deformation measurement sensor imported from the United States can directly measure the deformation within the specimen gauge distance. It is also possible to use the extension method to measure the tensile deformation bilaterally and take its average value.

Choose high-temperature alloy to make high-temperature fixtures, and the strength at high temperature can meet the test requirements.

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