High temperature ultra-high vacuum creep test system

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1. Product introduction

This system is mainly used for creep and durability test of various metal materials under high temperature and ultra-high vacuum environment, continuous loading for 7000h.


Second, the system composition

The system is mainly composed of: loading mechanism and portal frame system, reaction frame and high temperature fixture, high temperature vacuum kettle, high temperature electric furnace, vacuum unit, temperature measurement system, deformation measurement system, power supply system, constant temperature water cooling unit, temperature-vacuum measurement control system, creep testing machine control system.


Third, the main performance characteristics

1. Adopt four-post portal frame structure: a vacuum kettle is installed on the work table and four columns in the center, and the inside of the vacuum kettle is the frame bearing mechanism of the tensile creep testing machine. The loading mechanism of the testing machine is installed at the lower part of the work table. The output shaft of the reducer is equipped with a manual unloading mechanism, which is the emergency unloading of the testing machine in the case of a long-term power failure.

2. The test loading frame is installed vertically on the work surface and inside the vacuum kettle, and is made of low vapor pressure material. The loading attachment is equipped with an adjustable centering mechanism, and is equipped with a concentricity adjustment device for adjusting the concentricity of the upper and lower tie rods.

3. The vacuum autoclave is a cylindrical multi-stage structure, made of high-quality stainless steel 304 material, and the surface is sandblasted and electrolyzed.

4. The inside of the vacuum autograph is axially divided into two spaces, and a water-cooled heat shield is installed in the middle. The upper cavity is a high-temperature area, where tensile tests, high-temperature fixtures and specimens are installed, and the lower cavity is a deformation measurement area.

5. The electric furnace is a barrel structure, located in a vacuum kettle, which surrounds the sample area and uses tantalum wire to make the heating body.

6. The vacuum system is composed of dry mechanical pumps, molecular pumps, composite vacuum gauges, regulators, etc. imported from Germany. The mechanical pump is connected to the molecular pump by a metal bellows and placed separately to isolate the vibration.

7. Temperature measurement system: The system is equipped with 2 sets of temperature measurement thermocouples, S-type thermocouple to measure the temperature of the test area, and K-type thermocouple to monitor the temperature of the deformation measurement cavity.

8. The deformation measurement system adopts the method of bilateral extension measurement to take its average value. The deformation sensor adopts imported brand inductive displacement sensor, which is resistant to high temperature, small in size, good in stability, high resolution and high in accuracy. The deformation measuring rod is made of a ceramic material with low expansion.

9. Low voltage (less than 36V) and high current power supply.

10. The water-cooled unit adopts scroll imported compressor, which is stable and reliable for a long time and has a long service life.

11. The temperature-vacuum measurement and control system adopts the embedded integrated touch screen HMI as the operation and display element. All the equipment in the high temperature and vacuum system are all incorporated into the management system, and the working status of each component is displayed in real time on the color touch screen, the system parameters and alarm protection conditions are set, and the test process is set, with two control modes of manual and automatic.

12. The main components of the loading system: servo motors, reducers, sensors, etc. are all made of internationally renowned brand products.


Fourth, the main technical parameters


Maximum test force


Deformation measurement sensor range


Effective measuring range


Deformation measurement resolution


Relative error of test force


Deformation measurement accuracy


The test force controls the volatility


Accuracy of the temperature measuring instrument


Eccentricity of the upper and lower chucks


The temperature fluctuation is better


Operating temperature


Temperature gradient

≤6°C (within the specimen)

Extreme temperatures


Length of soaking zone

50mm (along the axis of the specimen)

High temperature steady-state (vacuum)


Controlled ramp rate


Cold Limit (Vacuum)


System pressure rise rate

≤0.5Pa/h (12 hours)

Rated speed of molecular pump


Water-cooled unit power




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