ZK-1300CJ high temperature vacuum (inflatable) impact test system

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1. Product introduction

It is used to complete the Charpy impact test of metallic and non-metallic materials under high temperature vacuum (gas) conditions.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. Adopt double impact working position, equipped with two different types of impact testing machines;

2. Adopt single furnace body heating (vacuum, gas), vacuum furnace body is located on the moving guide rail of the main working platform, and move to the designated working position by mechanical transmission according to the requirements;

3. Equipped with automatic sample feeding device, after the sample is heated, the motor drives the moving push rod to push the sample to the impact working position;

4. The automatic sample feeding device has a sample guidance mechanism, and the position judgment is accurate;

5. It has the function of simultaneous heating of multiple samples, continuous push-impact, the maximum number is 10 pieces/group, and can be adjusted;

6. The opening and closing of the vacuum furnace door are automatically completed by the pneumatic cylinder, which is safe and convenient and saves time.

7. The sealing ring is rotated and sealed between the vacuum furnace and the sample pushing mechanism, which is reliable and leak-free;

8. The cold furnace conditions can be set, argon gas can be automatically shut down, and it has the function of unattended;

9. The vacuum furnace heating system, the automatic sample pushing system, the vacuum inflation system, the water cooling system, etc. are all incorporated into the human-machine interface (HMI) color touch screen measurement and control system, the interface is intuitive and powerful, and the control system reserves a USB interface for easy export of test data;


Third, the main technical parameters


High temperature furnace operating temperature range 300~1300℃
Temperature deviations ±2℃
Impact testing machine specifications 0.5J~50J
Ultimate vacuum 100Pa
Heating element Molybdenum alloys
Shielding gas Argon
Temperature measuring element Type S thermocouples
Number of heating sections 1 segment (or on request)
Specimen specifications 3*4*27(adjustable)
Heating power 3kw

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