GWT1200L high temperature electric furnace

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1. Product introduction

1. The high-temperature furnace adopts a cartridge type or a split structure, and the resistance wire is heated.

2. The resistance wire adopts 3 separate control methods. The 1100°C high-temperature furnace adopts a furnace wire with a diameter of φ1.5mm and a 220V power supply. The 1200°C high-temperature furnace is powered by a furnace wire with a diameter of φ5mm and a low voltage and high current of 24V.

The resistance wire is made of 0Cr27Al7Mo2, and it can work continuously for more than 7000 hours with low-voltage power supply at high temperature, which can meet the requirements of long-lasting and creep tests.

3. The temperature measuring element can be K type or S type thermocouple, which is stable and reliable for a long time, and the measurement accuracy meets the requirements of the national standard and the industry standard.

4. Special thermal insulation measures are adopted on the outside of the insulation layer of the electric furnace, and the temperature rise on the outer surface of the electric furnace is small, which is energy-saving and safe.

5. Temperature control and measurement system: The temperature measurement and control system is composed of a temperature measurement element (thermocouple), a central computing unit (PLC), a temperature detection instrument (PID adjustment, with AT function) and an embedded integrated touch screen HMI. Full Chinese language, real-time monitoring of temperature and other data changes, display curves, with the curve saving, recall function, and can be considered to set abnormal data, with abnormal data alarm and protection function.

6. Connect with the testing machine: The high-temperature furnace is installed on the column of the mobile trolley through the rotatable arm, and the folding arm can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the requirements of the height and horizontal position, and can be locked after positioning.

During the normal temperature test, gently push the furnace body to move away.

It can also be configured on the main machine of the testing machine to support the column, and the high-temperature furnace body and support arm are directly installed on the column.

7. Specimen clamping: The two ends of the specimen are high-temperature fixtures and water-cooled connecting rods. The connecting rod can be clamped directly from the wedge grips of the testing machine or can be directly connected to the moving beam of the testing machine by means of a connection attachment.

The connecting rod connected to the load cell end has a cooling water jacket to prevent temperature drift from being transmitted to the load cell and ensure that the sensor temperature is at room temperature.

8. Deformation measurement: The high-temperature deformation measurement adopts the lead-out bilateral measurement, and the test gauge deformation is extended to the outside of the furnace by the measuring device, and the average value is measured and taken by two deformation sensors (differential transformer, grating ruler, digital dial gauge, strain gauge extensometer, etc.) outside the furnace. After the deformation measurement is completed, the extensometer can be removed according to different types of deformation sensors.

9. The water cooling system is composed of stainless steel water tank, circulating pump, pipeline structure, etc.

10. Protection function: temperature reach reminder and over-temperature alarm protection function.

11. High temperature test furnaces with different lengths of temperature sizing zones and installation methods can be customized according to requirements.


GWT-1200(1300)-L GWT-1200(1300)-L GWT-1200(1300)-L
GWT-1200(1300)-WS GWT-1200 GWT-1200



Second, the main technical parameters











Operating temperature



100~1200℃ (1300℃)

Long-term operating temperature



1000℃ (1200℃)

Heating elements

FeCrAI resistance wires

Resistance wires, silicon carbon rods, or spiral tubes

Wire diameter



∮1.5mm (∮5mm)

Temperature measuring element

Type K, N or S thermocouple (with special compensation lead)

The length of the vapor chamber is mm



450 or customized

Number of segments of the heating element

3 paragraphs

3 segments or as needed


Number of temperature measurement points

3 pcs

3 or on demand

13 or on-demand

Sensitivity of temperature measurement


Temperature measurement accuracy




Test Temperature (°C)

Temperature deviations

Temperature gradient




















Inner diameter of the furnace

Diameter * length: ∮90*240 (300, 380) mm



Diameter * length: ∮ 320 * 320 (380, 460) mm


Stretch the attachment


M12*∮5mm M16*∮10mm


0~4mm 4~8mm


Extensometer device

Round bar: M12mm M16mm corresponds to the tensile attachment

Plate: 0~4mm 4~8mm corresponds to the tensile attachment

Temperature measurement and control system

Human-machine interface (HMI), color touch measurement and control system or 3 intelligent temperature measuring instruments

Operating voltage



380V or 24V

Power supply

The design temperature rise limit power is 5kw

As needed



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