1600 ℃ high temperature box electric furnace

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Product Introduction

1. It is often used in the laboratory to heat test objects.

2. The molybdenum disilicide heating element is used, which is vertically installed on both sides of the furnace cavity and is easy to replace.

3. Long-term use temperature 1600°C, temperature 1700°C.

4. Split structure, high temperature furnace and controller are placed independently.

5. Unique furnace cavity construction technology, high temperature and long-term use without collapse.

6. The temperature control system adopts embedded integrated touch screen HMI, with PID parameter self-tuning function.

7. The heating rate is 5-15°C/min, and the heating process can be set arbitrarily and automatically controlled. At the same time, it has a manual control function, and the heating rate and target temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily.

8. Reserve the computer communication RS232 interface, realize remote control through the computer, and record the data and temperature curve.

9. Adopt thyristor phase shift trigger control, transformer voltage regulation.


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