Conventional high and low temperature intelligent control system

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Product Introduction

Intelligent temperature measurement and control systems are divided into two main categories:

(1) The AI artificial intelligence industrial regulator is used to complete the measurement and control function of temperature, humidity and other parameters. It is divided into one-stage, three-stage and multi-stage.

(2) The embedded integrated touch screen HMI is adopted, compatible with PLC and DTC modules and other types of control components, and the functions of temperature measurement and control, power regulation, equipment working status monitoring and adjustment, test condition setting, test data and test curve display and storage and printing, test data and control parameters import and export, alarm and protection in equipment operation are all incorporated into the system, which can be completed by simply tapping the touch screen.

(3) The deformation measurement module can be added according to the requirements to display the tensile deformation in real time; Add the short message sending module, which can have the function of alarm SMS reminder.

(4) English or Chinese interface can be used according to customer needs.


Conventional high and low temperature furnace control system




Conventional high and low temperature furnace control system


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