Product Introduction

Features of Heidenhain encoder:

1. Advanced and reliable optical measurement system, using reliable and durable high-precision five-bearing system design, to ensure the stability of the optical mechanical system, excellent repeatability and high level of measurement accuracy.

2. The sensor adopts a sealed structure, which is reliable and easy to install.

3. The use of special oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high elasticity and anti-aging plastic waterproof, excellent dustproof, long service life.

4. It has a high level of anti-interference ability, stable and reliable.

5. The light source adopts infrared light-emitting diode, which is small in size and has a long life.

6. Using advanced grating technology, we can make high-precision grating glass rulers of various specifications

(up to 3000mm).

7. Creep testers are commonly used in 12mm and 30mm ranges. As shown in the figure below




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