Model 1250 high temperature process simulation test device

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1. Outline the basic structure and composition of the equipment

(Drawings are for reference only)


  1. In order to meet the needs of customers for material production process simulation and testing, this high-temperature device adopts a horizontal three-stage heating left and right two-way side-open structure design, and the core chamber adopts a GH230 high-temperature tubular cavity suitable for long-term use in a high-temperature environment of 1200 °C (short-term can be used up to 1250°C), the left and right sides are equipped with alloy water-cooled sealed hold-down flanges, and the detachable clamping device is configured to apply appropriate compression force to the left and right sealing flanges and tubular superalloy cavities, so as to facilitate the retention and slow release of nitrogen after nitrogen injection in the high-temperature test process, so as to achieve the protective environment of nitrogen with relative concentration of nitrogen in the production process of the tested specimen in the production process.
  2. The high-temperature heating device adopts the structural design of horizontal three-stage heating left and right bilateral lateral movement opening and closing, and at the same time ensures the rapid heating of high temperature and the constant and uniform temperature after closing, the left and right furnace bodies can be manually unscrewed appropriately, and the test piece in the core chamber (the quantitative rapid charging of nitrogen and the proportional output of the heating power of the furnace body also participate in the work at the same time) according to the process curve, that is, the heating - constant temperature of the equipment-Cooling (manual participation in the opening and closing of the heating device, loud and small sound reminder) implements the whole process of HMI (according to the process curve) program control to meet the basic use conditions of material preparation.
  3. The furnace body of the high-temperature heating unit is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, with built-in air insulation layer and environmentally friendly ceramic fiber insulation blanket, and the built-in furnace tube on both sides is made of aluminum oxide ceramic sintering, and the built-in heating element is HRE φ5Coarse furnace wire (can be used in the high-temperature section for a long time), the power supply system adopts low-voltage and high-current mode for power supply heating, which can effectively improve the service life of the heating device and the safety of equipment use, the power supply output of the system is fully automatic programmized, controllable and adjustable, equipped with intelligent control system, and the equipment can be adjusted and controlled, safe and stable.
  4. Both sides of the high-temperature working chamber are equipped with water-cooled closed flange covers and inert gas injection interfaces, which can not only ensure the effective protection of the specimen after nitrogen injection, but also assist the working chamber and the specimen to be used quickly when cooling, and the injection and discharge can be carried out.
  5. The high-temperature working chamber is horizontally sealed on the left and right, which can effectively facilitate the quick connection of water cooling, gas transmission and discharge pipelines, the loading and taking of the tested specimen, and the quick connection replacement of related locking and sealing devices.
  6. The system is equipped with a fully automatic compressor refrigeration constant temperature water cooling circulation system device, which can continuously and effectively cool the high-temperature parts that need to be cooled in the system.
  • Intelligent control system

The temperature control adopts HMI intelligent man-machine interface touch screen, and the relevant operating system is incorporated into the HMI man-machine interface touch screen control, and the overall control and real-time display of the equipment are included in its management, and it is equipped with relevant interfaces to facilitate the use of its related functions and data transmission. At the same time, the temperature setting and intelligent control are incorporated into the HMI intelligent human-computer interaction touch control system, and the operator can directly operate according to the text prompts on the HMI intelligent human-machine interface, without remembering complex instructions, and only need to click the corresponding buttons according to the prompts to select and input.

Actual test and operation interface of high-temperature vacuum equipment (for reference only)



3. Configuration (the attached drawings are for reference only).

4. Security measures

Safety protection system over-temperature protection, overload protection, over-current protection, phase sequence protection, short circuit, over-temperature and over-pressure alarm, water cut-off alarm and other functions.



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