JSKL-1200 type cooling rate controllable heat treatment furnace

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1. Definition of model and model

2. Product Description

On the basis of the furnace temperature uniformity conforming to the ±5 °C laboratory heat treatment furnace, the controllable cooling rate device is designed and loaded to meet the requirements of the material after the heat treatment process with a given cooling rate controllable cooling heat treatment process. In order to achieve the controllable cooling heat treatment of titanium alloy samples at any given temperature rate in the range of controllable cooling rate of 2°C/min to 40°C/min, in order to meet the heat treatment process requirements of titanium alloy materials, The heat treatment furnace meets the configuration requirements of AMS 2570F Class 2 Class B instrument heat treatment furnace for laboratory use, and at the same time, the heat treatment furnace is quickly cooled down and the high-temperature gas of the furnace body is cooled and discharged safely.

The cooling rate controllable heat treatment furnace is a non-standard heat treatment process simulation test furnace, which can completely simulate the process of materials in the whole heat treatment process, and carry out the established lifting and cooling process treatment of materials according to the relevant process standards, and accurately control the temperature rise and fall process of material heat treatment, in order to meet the requirements of special process of materials.

Three: system composition

The heat treatment furnace with controllable cooling rate consists of a high-temperature furnace bodyIt is composed of intelligent temperature control system, multi-channel temperature acquisition system, heating system, intelligent control cold furnace system, high-temperature bearing material frame in the furnace, gas superalloy transmission and control diversion pipeline system, air flow (controllable) supply part and environmental protection purification auxiliary device, which can fully meet the needs of various special materials for various high-precision heat treatment process simulation tests.


Four: basic functions

The cooling rate controllable heat treatment furnace is a fully intelligent high-precision heat treatment process simulation test equipment, and it is equipped with measurement and control acquisition instruments, sensors and related ancillary materials and components are selected from international well-known brands and domestic high-quality brand products. From the perspective of environmental protection, energy saving and precise control, the cold furnace system of the equipment is also equipped with a fully intelligent control plus frequency conversion gas flow transmission and discharge device, which can accurately control the furnace temperature according to the pre-determined (liter) cooling rate process curve according to the tested piece. That is, the air intake and exhaust system can effectively adjust the air flow intensity in the heat treatment chamber through the frequency conversion control terminal at any time to the input air volume intensity of the blowing motor and the opening angle of the input air volume valve, and at the same time combine with the heating system and suction and exhaust system in the furnace, so as to achieve the temperature of the furnace cavity in the cooling process of the heat treatment furnace, that is, the cooling rate is controllable and adjustable, and ensure that (A: fast cooling rate 1040°C/min, B: slow cooling rate 24°C/minPrecise cooling according to the established curve and relative accuracy.

The door of the heat treatment furnace with controllable cooling rate is closed by horizontal manual locking, and the inner cavity is circumferentially multi-segmented ring of the muffle plate heating element, and its backing is filled with multi-layer environmentally friendly ceramic fiber thermal insulation materials, which can fully reduce and reduce the heat loss inside the cavity.

The cold furnace system of the equipment adopts the multi-level vortex return mode of quantitative input of cold air, which can fully and effectively stir the cold and hot air flow while ensuring rapid cooling. The air conditioning input and heating output are controllable and adjustable, and at the same time, they participate in the work quantitatively, which can ensure the effective working area in the furnace cavity, that is, the uniform temperature in the temperature leveling screen, that is, to ensure the balance of the temperature required by the test piece in the material frame. After the gas in the furnace cavity reaches the relative saturation pressure, the gas overpressure and external exhaust protection device configured by the system will transport the high-temperature gas to the low-temperature cooling box through the pressure relief exhaust device and the special external low-temperature pipeline, and carry out rapid and effective closed circulation cooling and cooling of the high-temperature gas, and at the same time transport and discharge the cooled and cooled gas to the environmental protection and harmless treatment box, and fully adsorb and filter the harmful substances in the gas through the preset activated carbon in the environmental protection box, so as to achieve the harmless environmental protection treatment needs of the exhaust gas.


Five: technical parameters


Operating temperature range


Cooling rate


Temperature sensor

Type S thermocouples

Rated power


Temperature accuracy in the cavity when heating and insulation


Accuracy of measurement and control temperature instruments

Level 0.2

Sensitivity of measurement and control temperature instruments



Six: measured cooling curve

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