1100℃ high temperature (atmospheric) mechanical testing system

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1. Product introduction

It is mainly used for testing the mechanical properties of high-temperature ceramics, composite materials and metal materials in high-temperature atmospheric environment.

Including electronic universal testing machine, high temperature furnace, high temperature fixture, deformation measurement accessories, computer software, can complete tensile, compression, bending, shear and long-lasting creep and other mechanical properties in high temperature environment.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. The experimental device adopts the structure of front large door box type.

2. The inside of the furnace is made of 1600°C lightweight ceramic fiberboard, which can work stably at 1500°C.

3. The heating element adopts FeCrAl resistance wire, which can work stably at 1100°C for a long time.

4. Temperature Measuring Element:

The K-type thermocouple (double platinum rhodium thermocouple) can work stably at 1100°C for a long time.

5. High Temperature Test Fixture:

The high-temperature alloy material is used to make the fixture, which is easy to obtain and has good processing performance.

6. The tensile deformation measurement adopts the extraction method to measure the deformation within the gauge distance, and the measured data is true and accurate.

7. The structure of the fixture is scientific and reasonable, and the replacement is easy and convenient.


3. Picture display of local examples


1100°C high temperature tensile test in the chamber



1100°C high temperature compression test in the chamber



1100°C high temperature bending test in the chamber



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