500℃ high temperature mechanical testing system

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1. Product introduction

It is used for testing the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy, non-metallic and other material samples and components in a high-temperature environment. It can be used in any combination with the testing machine according to the requirements of use, and can complete tensile, compression, bending, shear and other tests. The wedge grip can be installed in the high temperature chamber, which is reliable and easy to operate. The box structure, material and deformation measurement scheme can be selected according to the three use environments of 500°C, 350°C and 150°C.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. The high-temperature furnace adopts a box-type structure, with resistance wire heating, and is equipped with an air supply circulation system to ensure that the temperature fluctuation, temperature gradient and temperature deviation in the furnace meet the requirements of use.

2. The temperature measuring element is a K-type thermocouple, which is stable and reliable for a long time.

3. The high-temperature chamber adopts high-quality thermal insulation measures, and the temperature rise of the outer surface of the electric furnace is small, which is energy-saving and safe.

4. The front door is equipped with an optical quartz glass observation window. The low-temperature test chamber is equipped with a lighting system, which is convenient for observing the test conditions in the chamber or for non-contact deformation measurement.

5. Temperature Control Measurement System:

There are two control and measurement methods to choose from: embedded integrated touch screen HMI system and intelligent temperature control instrument.

6. The high temperature chamber is installed on a movable bracket, which is locked after positioning, which is convenient for high temperature to enter and exit the test space.

7. Clamping attachment:

For tensile, compression, bending and other tests, the specimen is clamped in the furnace, and the attachment material is selected according to different temperature ranges.

The high-temperature clamping attachment is connected to the connecting seat on the beam of the testing machine through the "U" shaped mouth above and below the high temperature chamber, and is quickly sealed with a "U" plug-in.

8. Deformation Measurement:

According to different temperature ranges, imported or domestic extensometers can be directly clamped on the specimen to measure the deformation within the gauge distance. Lead-out measuring devices can also be used to measure the tensile deformation and bending deflection of the specimen outside the furnace.


Third, the main technical parameters


Model GWX-150 GWX-350 GWX-500
Operating temperature 100~150℃ 100~350℃ 100~500℃
Heating elements FeCrAI resistance wires
The inner meridian of the furnace chamber 300 (L) * 300 (W) * 500 (H) or customized on demand
Dimensions 450 (L) * 550 (W) * 650 (H) or customized on demand
Temperature measuring element Type K thermocouple (with special compensation lead)
Sensitivity of temperature measurement 0.1℃
Temperature measurement accuracy 0.2%
Temperature deviations ±2℃(±1℃)

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