TB-1600 ultra-high temperature wave transmission performance thermal environment test system

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1. Product introduction

This product is specially used for testing the reflection performance of special materials on electromagnetic waves in high temperature atmosphere, vacuum environment or inert atmosphere.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. Adopt multi-door structure, which is convenient for other accessories to use the functional needs;

2. The side wall of the furnace body is equipped with a quartz glass observation window, and there is a cooling water jacket outside, which can observe the working condition in the box at any time;

3. The lower part of the furnace body is equipped with a sample support and moving mechanism, so that the sample can be rotated and lifted according to the requirements;

4. The shell of the box is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, and the interior of the furnace is made of heat-resistant materials (which can work stably at 1800°C) and lightweight ceramic fiber board (which can work stably at 1600°C) according to different temperature requirements;

5. The heating element is made of silicon molybdenum rod as the heating element, which can work stably at 800~1600°C for a long time (1700°C type element is selected);

6. The temperature measuring element adopts type B thermocouple (double platinum rhodium thermocouple);

7. The vacuum unit adopts a mechanical pump, and the furnace can be pumped to a low vacuum state;

8. Equipped with argon gas inflator to meet the requirements of the inert gas atmosphere required for the test;

9. The control system adopts man-machine interface (HMI) touch screen control mode, all control and real-time display functions are all included in its management, equipped with a variety of interfaces, convenient for function expansion and data transmission;

10. Configure cooling water circulation device;


Third, the main technical parameters


Operating temperature range Room temperature ~800°C\1200°C\1600°C
Effective Dimensions of Furnace Chambers (mm) 500*500*350
Dimensions (mm) 1000*1000*650
Effective Transmission Size (mm) 450*450
High temperature attachment High-temperature resistant and high-strength ceramic attachment


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