900℃ turbine blade process test electric furnace

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Product Introduction

1. The electric furnace is installed in a vacuum chamber and is used for high-speed rotation test of turbine blades in a high-temperature environment.

The high-temperature furnace is composed of upper and lower furnace plates, split side walls, temperature measurement and control system, two infrared thermometers, pressure regulators, five thermocouples, furnace trays, and computer software.

2. The high-temperature furnace uses 5mm diameter FeCrAl resistance wire as the heating element, and uses low voltage and high current power supply, and the heating limit is 1200°C.

3. The resistance wire is divided into two sections from the inside to the outside, and the temperature is measured and controlled by two infrared thermometers imported from Germany. The resistance wire is installed on the inner wall of the hob and is fixed by a ceramic pendant.

4. The inner wall of the furnace cavity adopts a fully enclosed structure to prevent foreign matter from falling off and damaging the specimen and the high-temperature furnace during the high-speed rotation test.

5. The furnace plate and side walls are made of high-density ceramic fiber, and the heat-resistant steel coaming is lined with them.

6. The upper furnace plate and the upper tray are equipped with infrared temperature measuring holes to measure the temperature of the inner and outer edges of the blades respectively.

7. Equipped with computer software, the test data can be recorded by computer.

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