1200℃ turbine blade vibration test electric furnace

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Product Introduction

1. It is installed on the electromagnetic shaking table and is used for the high-frequency vibration test of turbine blades in a high-temperature environment. The system is composed of a high-temperature furnace, a temperature measurement control system, a temperature measuring element, a high-temperature quartz glass window, a high-temperature furnace lifting-positioning device, a frame workbench, a water-cooled isolation system, and a water flow monitoring system.

2. The high-temperature furnace uses FeCrAl resistance wire as the heating element, and the heating limit is 1200°C.

3. The side wall of the high-temperature furnace body is equipped with a quartz glass observation window, which can work stably at 1100°C, and is used for laser displacement sensor to measure its amplitude in high-temperature environment.

4. The turbine worm lifting mechanism is located in the upper part of the working bench, equipped with a guide device and a double limit switch, which runs smoothly and is accurate in positioning.

5. The cooling system is composed of constant temperature water cooling unit, pipeline, water flow indicator, flow monitoring instrument, paperless recorder, etc. It has the function of water cut-off alarm protection.

The cooling water is divided into three ways: quartz glass observation window, furnace outer frame, and high-temperature fixture. Each channel is equipped with a water flow indicator to monitor the cycle status.

6. The temperature control system adopts embedded integrated touch screen HMI, which is simple and intuitive to operate.


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