1350℃ heat treatment environment simulation test device

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1. Product introduction

    It is used for the research and test of quenching and tempering, annealing, tempering and normalizing heat treatment process of metal materials in air or reducing atmosphere.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. The test device adopts a counter-directional opening and closing box structure, which is composed of a combined furnace body, a temperature control system, a furnace opening and closing motion guidance mechanism, and a built-in uniform temperature sealing device.

2. The high-temperature furnace is composed of two box-type furnace body closures, which are connected with the furnace body opening and closing device and installed on the working bench, and the high-temperature alloy furnace tube passes through the high-temperature furnace cavity. Turning the handwheel, the two furnace bodies move to the left and right respectively on the guide bench to meet the requirements of rapid cooling of the furnace tube.

3. The heating element is made of high-quality silicon carbon rods, which are placed around the furnace to ensure the temperature uniformity in the furnace.

4. The control system adopts embedded integrated touch screen HMI, all control and real-time display functions are all included in its management, and is equipped with a variety of interfaces to facilitate function expansion and data transmission.

5. The multi-high temperature furnace is controlled by a temperature control system, which can be fully operated or operated separately as needed.

6. Over temperature protection, overload protection, over current protection, phase sequence protection, circuit breaker, over temperature alarm and other functions.


Third, the main technical parameters


Maximum operating temperature 1300℃
Typical temperature 1000℃
Constant temperature control accuracy ±2℃
Soaking time 20min
Maximum heating speed (output power adjustable) 800°C/h can be quickly heated according to the process curve
Cooling rate The size of the opening and closing surface of the furnace body can be adjusted, and the temperature can be quickly cooled according to the process curve
Heating elements Silicon carbon rods
Thermocouple specifications Type K armoured thermocouples
Console dimensions 800*600*1700


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