1300℃ heat treatment process test furnace

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1. Product introduction

      The heat treatment high temperature (100~1300°C) is applied to the heat treatment process of steel and non-ferrous metal materials, and the heat treatment process is simulated. It is characterized by accurate and fast temperature control, automatic and program control of the test process according to the set rise and cooling curves.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. The pit structure is adopted, the heating element is made of silicon carbide heating rod, which is installed between the side wall of the furnace and the metal furnace bladder, a plurality of blowing pipes are installed in the furnace cavity, and the specimen is placed between the blowing pipes, and the temperature is controlled by controlling the air intake volume and the output power of the heating element to ensure that the temperature around the specimen is uniform.

2. The cooling medium can be air, carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen (can be mixed).

3. The control system adopts embedded integrated touch screen HMI, which can set the heating process, record the historical curve, prompt alarm information, and query historical data. It can communicate with the computer, full Chinese interface, with the characteristics of intuitive and simple operation, users can choose paperless recorder and SMS reminder function according to needs.


Third, the main technical parameters


Dimensions ¢680*1150mm
Furnace chamber size ¢150*610mm
Typical operating temperature 1000℃
Maximum operating temperature 1350℃
Vapor zone dimensions 200mm±10mm
Temperature measuring element Type S twin-core armoured thermocouple
Constant temperature control accuracy ±3℃
Temperature difference in a constant temperature soaking zone ±3℃
Maximum heating rate 800°C/h
Fast cooling rate



Slow cooling rate 400~1000°C≤10°C/h
Cooling medium pressure 0.6~0.8Pa
Specimen size (max.) 120*40*200mm (can be designed according to actual needs)

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