1200℃ rapid heating thermal shock test device for ceramic materials

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Product Introduction

1. It is used for rapid heating and thermal shock resistance test of sheet ceramic samples.

2. The device is composed of a split type high-temperature furnace, a heating element, a temperature measurement and control system, a voltage regulator, a thermocouple, a workbench, and computer software.

3. The high-temperature furnace adopts short-wave halogen tube heating element, and there are six heating tubes, all of which are distributed around the test. The temperature rise limit is 1200°C.

4. The high-temperature furnace is a split structure, and a 50mm diameter round hole is opened on the end face of the furnace for shooting the test status and observing the test status in the furnace.

5. Adopt high-power thyristor voltage regulating system and intelligent temperature control system. The heating limit, cycle parameters, holding time, etc. can be set as needed, and the computer software records the point-by-point data to draw the curve.

6. Heating rate: ≥100°C/S, heating limit: 1200°C, temperature overshoot: ≤15°C

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