1200℃ multi-axial concrete mechanical testing high temperature environment device

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1. It is used for the mechanical properties test of concrete test block in high temperature environment, X and Y directions are loaded at the same time. It has the function of automatic clamping and automatic pushing of specimens.

2. The test device is composed of a multi-layer door furnace body, an automatic clamping sample feeding mechanism, an automatic lifting and opening mechanism of the furnace door, a temperature control system, a cooling water circulation system, an air supply system, and a movable bracket.

3. The furnace door is automatically opened and closed, the specimen clamping is released, and the front and rear positioning and operation of the clamping mechanism are all controlled by PLC program and automatically driven by pneumatic cylinder, the system is stable and reliable, the operation is simple and fast, and the opening time of the furnace door is effectively shortened.

4. The heating method adopts the heating element evenly distributed on six sides in the furnace, and each group of heating elements is divided into two sections to ensure that the temperature in the furnace is uniform.

5. The furnace structure is designed according to the requirements of the loading mechanism of the testing machine, which is reasonable and safe.

6. The multi-layer door structure of the furnace body can open the small door when feeding the sample to reduce heat loss and energy consumption.

7. The side of the furnace body is equipped with a quartz glass observation window, which can observe the loading test status in the furnace at any time.

8. The control system adopts embedded integrated touch screen HMI, all control and real-time display functions are all included in its management, and is equipped with a variety of interfaces to facilitate function expansion and data transmission.

9. It has the functions of phase loss protection, over-temperature protection, couple break protection, heating body disconnection protection, etc., and can be browsed and queried.


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