1200℃ high temperature strain gauge calibration device

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1. Product introduction

      It is used for the experimental study of strain characteristics of high-temperature strain gauges under different temperatures and different load conditions.

The device consists of a high-temperature furnace, a temperature control system, a weight loading system, a bearing moment beam and support in the furnace, a bending moment deformation measurement system, an industrial control computer and other components.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. The high-temperature heating furnace adopts the upper and lower opening mode, and the upper furnace body is equipped with pneumatic support rod, which is simple and convenient for test operation.

2. The shell of the furnace body is made of high-quality stainless steel, and new insulation materials are used to keep it warm and energy-saving.

3. The heating element is made of Φ5mm thick new high-rare earth electric furnace wire, which can work continuously for 1200 hours at 7000°C.

4. The middle of the upper end of the furnace body is equipped with a high-temperature quartz glass observation window for optical measurement tests.

5. The heating control is five stages of independent control heating, each stage is controlled by the thyristor phase shift contact method, with high precision, to ensure that the temperature of the uniform temperature zone meets the requirements.

6. The temperature measurement and control adopts the embedded integrated touch screen HMI, and all operations and equipment control are incorporated into the system.

7. Equipped with deformation measurement device, using quartz rod with low expansion coefficient as deformation lead-out rod; The deformation is measured with a dial indicator and read directly by the computer.

8. Equipped with weight loading mechanism, using hierarchical loading mode, accurate and reliable.


Third, the main technical parameters


Maximum operating temperature 1200℃
Typical temperature range 300~1000°C (bending support can work at 1000°C for a long time)
Furnace chamber size ¢150*600mm
Temperature accuracy ±2℃
Intratropical temperature deviation ≤3℃
Fastest ramp-up rate 800°C/h
Heating element specifications ¢5mm
Thermocouple specifications 3 K-type thermocouples (accuracy ±0.3%)
It is used for strain gauge calibration test  
Maximum load 200kg
Weight error 0.2%
Bending moment beam dimensions 20*30*420mm; 6*30*420 specifications
Digital dial indicator Range: 20mm Resolution: 1um Error: 0.2%
power 6kw


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