-175 ℃~ + 1200 ℃ high and low temperature environmental test chamber

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1. Product introduction

The test equipment is suitable for the reliability test of industrial products in high and low temperature (variable) environmental conditions, and can be used in any combination with the testing machine according to the requirements of the use environment, and can complete the tensile, compression, bending, shear and other tests of various metals and non-metals in high and low temperature conditions, and can meet the requirements of various special industries (such as ceramics, rubber and various composite materials). The temperature controller adopts PID fuzzy control mode, which has high control accuracy and low temperature overshoot.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. The unique design and manufacturing technology can ensure the normal and stable operation of this high and low temperature test chamber in a wide range of temperatures;

2. The internal high temperature part of the test chamber is heated by resistance wire, the rear part is circulated by air supply, and the low temperature is refrigerated by liquid nitrogen, and the high and low temperature system participates in the work at the same time;

3. The temperature control adopts PID intelligent control, man-machine interface (HMI) color touch screen control system;

4. The isolation conversion into the high temperature area can be completed simply by manual operation;

5. The exterior of the box is made of high-quality rust-free steel plate, and the overall structure design is reasonable, strong and durable;

6. The internal circulation system is heated in two ways (including low temperature section) to ensure that the temperature deviation within 100mm of the axial direction of the test area in the test chamber meets the requirements of GB/T4338 and HB5195;

7. The test chamber adopts a split combined structure to ensure the convenient loading and unloading of the sample;


Third, the main technical parameters


Operating temperature -175℃~+1200℃
Temperature fluctuations ±2℃
The effective size of the test chamber Customized on demand
The temperature control instrument has a class 0.2 accuracy, a display sensitivity of 0.1°C, and a computer interface


Fourth, the system composition


Special structure high and low temperature test chamber One
Intelligent PID temperature control system, human-machine interface (HMI) touch screen A
Temperature sensor (type K or N) One
Chucks, tie rods, water-cooled tie rods and connectors for high and low temperatures A
Deformation measurement system Matching
Liquid nitrogen refrigeration system A
Water cooling circulation system (including stainless steel water tank, water pump, etc.) One
Movable test chamber support cart One

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