Bilateral lead-out deformation measuring device

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The high-temperature deformation extensometer fills the gap of the ambient temperature electronic extensometer that "cannot be directly deformed due to temperature or space constraints". The high-temperature deformation extension measurement device is designed and manufactured by high-temperature alloy, which carries out effective mechanical clamping on the sample of the tested material in the high-temperature area (within the effective distance of the sample), and extends the deformation of the sample under the high-temperature form to the outside of the furnace through the relative movement of the high-temperature extension mechanism, that is, the long and short extension plates, and at the same time, the lower end of the extension measurement device (outside the high-temperature furnace) is equipped with high-precision sensor measuring instruments such as room temperature strain gauge, differential transformer, grating ruler, etc., to accurately and effectively measure the deformation of the sample within the effective gauge distance.


Fangrui Technology double-sided lead-out deformation measurement device display



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