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Used in high-temperature furnaces and induction heating systems. Epson's unique self-clamping design. Options are available to suit a wide range of test requirements. Suitable for measuring deformations of metals, ceramics and composites at high temperatures generated by high-temperature furnaces and induction heating systems. It is easier to use and better performance than other high-temperature extensometers.

The extensometer is fixed to the specimen with a very lightweight, flexible ceramic fiber thread. In this way, the extensometer clamps itself onto the specimen. There is no need for a high-temperature furnace mounting bracket. This extensometer can be easily installed in most high-temperature furnaces for materials testing with side openings. For induction heating systems, the different placement of the ceramic wires allows the extensometer to easily pass through the induction coil. Due to the radiant heat shield and convection cooling fins, the extensometer can be used in specimen temperatures up to 1200°C without the need for cooling. The optional small fan increases the measurement stability of the extensometer at the highest temperatures, so it is recommended for high-precision and small elongation tests. The fan has a magnetic base that can be placed in a convenient location close to the extensometer. The induction heating system does not require fan cooling.

Use high-purity bauxite (min. 99.7%) ceramic rods. The appropriate length can be selected according to the requirements of the high-temperature furnace. Strain measurements for tensile, compression, and cyclic tests (low cycle fatigue) can be performed with a single extensometer. For vacuum furnaces, water-cooled extensometers are available. Radiant heat transfer cooled extensometers are also available. This requires the extensometer module to be encased in a sink with a notch in front of the sink for the ceramic rod.


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