Imported cryogenic extensometer

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1. Product introduction

Imported universal extensometer for deformation measurement in axial tensile, compression and cyclic tests.

Gauge range: 10-80mm, measuring range: 5%-100% of gauge distance.


This extensometer can be used to measure the deformation of materials such as metals, plastics, composites, and ceramics. Suitable for tensile and compression tests. Designed with double-bending structure, it is robust and insensitive to vibration, and is suitable for high-frequency testing. The extensometer can be mounted to the specimen in a matter of seconds using a quick clamping device, or the extensometer can be mounted to the specimen using a spring or rubber band.


The imported universal extensometer is designed with a strain gauge and is compatible with any electronic component suitable for the strain gauge sensor. Usually they are connected to the controller of the testing machine, and the signal conditioning electronics of the extensometer are usually included in the controller of the testing machine, or they can often be added. In this case, the extensometer can be supplied with both connectors and wires for direct plugging into the electronics. For testing systems that lack the necessary electronics, a variety of solutions are available to connect the extensometer output to a data acquisition panel, chart recorder, or other device. For details, see Signal Conditioners and Strain Gauges in the Electronic Components section.


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