Laser linear array CCD imaging deformation measurement system

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Product Introduction

The system uses monochrome laser collimated beam and linear array CCD imaging technology to achieve non-contact, high-speed and high-precision detection of displacement or deformation through the identification and tracking of sample marking features. The measurement data is collected and processed by the computer interface, and the gauge deformation of the tested sample is displayed in real time.

The system is used in the high temperature (atmosphere, vacuum, inert gas shielded environment) mechanical test system, and can measure the material deformation in the range of 200°C~3000°C.

System composition: It is composed of laser measuring head, main controller, computer and other parts

Hardware introduction: The laser sensor is mainly composed of two parts: a linear laser transmitting system and a linear CCD receiving system; The main controller is mainly composed of CCD drive unit, calculation control unit, display and input management unit, interface unit, etc. According to the different temperature range of the measurement target, it is necessary to match the narrow-band filter system to eliminate the influence of stray light generated by the measurement object on the measurement system.

Software Introduction: VC++ or LabVIEW programming software is used to design and complete computer control and data processing software. It mainly collects and processes deformation data, displays results and curves, stores data and outputs tables. (The display content can be designed according to the user's needs)


Main technical parameters:

Measuring range: ≤50mm

Measurement accuracy: ±0.001mm

Sampling speed: 1000 times/s

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