WDW-1~5 type microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine

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1. Product introduction

WDW series (portal type) microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine is a new type of machine designed by our company to further improve and meet the national standard GB/T16491 on the basis of the original machine. The computer system controls the rotation of the AC servo motor through the speed control system through the all-digital controller, and drives the moving beam to rise and fall through the precision ball screw pair after deceleration by the deceleration system, so as to complete the tensile, compression, bending, shear and other mechanical properties tests of the sample, and realize the closed-loop control of parameters such as test force, sample deformation and beam displacement, and meet the data processing required by the national GB/T228 "Tensile Test Method for Metal Materials at Room Temperature", and realize the test force, test force peak, beam displacement, On-screen display of specimen deformation and test curves, automatic processing of test data (according to the corresponding test method) and storage of processing results on disk. In addition, the universal testing machine is equipped with a wide variety of test attachments, which has a very broad application prospect in the mechanical properties test of metals, non-metals, composite materials and products. The testing machine is widely used in the material inspection and analysis of building waterproof materials, coatings, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wires and cables, rubber and plastics, textiles, home appliances and other industries, and is an ideal testing equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection and arbitration departments.


Second, the main technical parameters


Product model WDW-1000 WDW-2000 WDW-5000
Maximum Test Force (N)        1000          2000          5000
Force measurement range 0.4%-100% of maximum test force
Accuracy of the test force indication value ±0.5% (0.5 ratings)
Displacement measurement resolution (mm) Better than 0.001
The speed at which the beam moves 0.001-500mm/min stepless speed regulation
Large deformation measurement range (mm)                                  10—600
Measurement accuracy of large deformations In the range of 2%-100% of the full scale of the extensometer, it is better than ±1% of the indicated value
Speed control accuracy



Stretch Space (mm) 600 (customizable)
Width Space (mm) 400 (customizable)
Attached form Standard waterproof membrane, mesh cloth stretch attachment, extruded plastic board compression attachment, other attachments according to requirements
Platen size (mm) Φ150 (customizable)


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