WDW-10~100 microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine

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1. Product introduction

   WDW series microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine is a new type of machine designed by our company on the basis of the original machine to further improve and meet the national standard GB/T16491, the computer system through the full digital controller, through the speed control system to control the AC servo motor rotation, after the deceleration system deceleration through the precision ball screw to drive the moving beam up and down, to complete the sample tensile, compression, bending and other tests, to achieve the test force, sample deformation and beam displacement and other parameters of closed-loop control. In line with the requirements of the national GB/T228 standard data processing, the test force, the peak test force, the beam displacement, the sample deformation, the screen display of the test force curve, the automatic processing of the experimental data and the disk storage of the processing results, in addition the testing machine can be equipped with a variety of forms of test aids, in the metal, non-metal, composite materials and their products mechanical properties test has a very wide range of application prospects, the testing machine is widely used in building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastic, The material testing and analysis of rigid foam, textile, components with low and medium loads, high elongation performance, structural materials, composite materials and other industries is an ideal testing equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision and management departments, commodity inspection and arbitration and other departments.  


Second, the main technical parameters



Product model WDW-10 WDW-20 WDW-30 WDW-50 WDW-100
Maximum test force 10 HRK 20 HRK 30 HRK 50 HRK 100 HRK
Force measurement range 0.4% - 100% of maximum force
Force accuracy ±0.5% (0.5 ratings)
Force resolution 1/300000 (no binning)
Displacement resolution Better than 0.001
The speed at which the beam moves                              0.01——500mm/min
Extensometer gauge distance                                       50mm\100mm
The maximum value of the deformation measurement                                          10mm
Deformation measurement range 2%-100% of maximum deformation
Large deformation measurement range                                        10—800mm
Measurement accuracy of large deformations                                             ±0.5%
Speed control accuracy                                     ±0.5(10—500mm)
Stretch the space 800 mm (customizable)
Test width 350 mm (customizable)
Platen size                                      Φ150 mm
Fixture form One set of tensile and compression attachments are standard, and other forms of attachments are optional according to user requirements

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