WAW-D series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

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1. Product introduction

This series of products are mainly used for tensile, compression, bending and other mechanical properties tests of metal materials, and can be used to detect cement, concrete, bricks, tiles, rubber and their products after adding simple auxiliary devices.

The main engine cylinder is a bottom-mounted, six-column, double-space frame structure, which is composed of a fixed beam and a moving beam to form a tensile test space, a compression and bending test space to be formed by a workbench and a moving beam, and a high-performance electro-hydraulic servo valve is controlled by a computer to complete the test of the material, and the feature points are automatically collected and the result data are calculated after the test is completed.


2. Function introduction

1. The control system of this series of products has three control channels of test force, displacement and deformation and five control modes corresponding to test force, stress, displacement, strain and deformation, and the control mode can be switched at will.

2. Constant rate test force, constant rate displacement, constant rate stress, constant rate strain, constant rate deformation test and constant stress, constant test force, constant displacement, constant deformation and constant strain test can be carried out.

3. It has a powerful database and a variety of interface formats for users to choose from, helping users to achieve LAN communication.

4. All specifications of this series of products use built-in automatic hydraulic clamps.


Third, the main technical parameters


Product model WAW-600D WAW-1000D WAW-2000D
Maximum Test Force (KN)           600          1000          2000
Force accuracy class Level 0.5
Force measurement range 1%—100% of maximum force
Accuracy of the test force indication value                                         ±0.5%
Deformation measurement range                                       0.2%—100%
Accuracy of deformation indication value Better than ±0.5% FS
Deformation resolution (mm)                                           0.001
Accuracy of the displacement indication value Better than ±0.5% FS
Displacement resolution (mm)                                             0.01
Speed control accuracy Better than ±1% of set value
Stretch space (mm)            650            700            900
Compressed space (mm)            600            630            750
Maximum piston stroke(mm)            200            200            250
Round specimen clamping range (mm) F13—F40 F13—F52 F20—F70
Flat specimen clamping range (mm)            0—30           0—40          0—50
Distance between two columns (mm)            560             600            700

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