-150℃-550℃ vacuum-high and low temperature alternating mechanical testing system

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1. Product Introduction:

This system is mainly used for the coupling test of "high and low temperature alternation, high and low temperature constant, mechanical-optical" of special metal materials in a wide temperature range of -150°C-550°C and vacuum environment conditions, that is, the tensile, compression, three-point bending and DIC optical deformation measurement of special metals.

2. System Composition:

The system is composed of a force-loading testing machine, a water-cooled vacuum chamber, a vacuum pump unit, a high-temperature heating system, a low-temperature refrigeration system, a special temperature measurement and control element and an automatic switching system, a temperature and vacuum measurement control system, a high and low temperature test attachment (low temperature conduction), a DIC optical measurement system, a low-temperature radiant cooling-cooling part, a constant temperature self-circulating water cooling unit, an integrated control system and related accessories.

3. Performance characteristics:

In order to meet the needs of special alloy materials in a wide temperature range of -150°C-550°C and vacuum environment to achieve comprehensive "mechanical-optical" test and use, the vacuum experimental cavity adopts the overall structure form of front large door and double-layer water cooling, and the DIC deformation measurement window and the inner side test channel of the cavity are front, the cold and heat radiation and cold transfer device are quick-assembly independent vacuum external connection structure, and the tension, pressure and bending attachment are hollow cold cavity type. The upper and lower connecting rods are connected with the upper and lower connecting rods of the force loading testing machine through the upper and lower axial openings of the vacuum chamber. The temperature control system adopts PID dual-output dual-channel control, that is, the thermal power and cold transmission and discharge can be controlled independently, and the comprehensive test and use needs of "one-way-alternating" and "loading force and DIC deformation measurement" of temperature can be realized through the terminal control system.

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