4.2K low-temperature vacuum superconducting material multi-field coupling mechanics comprehensive test system

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1. Product introduction

  It is used for electromagnetic-mechanical-temperature test of superconducting materials in the range of room temperature ~4.2K, in a multi-field coupling environment. The system consists of a refrigerator, a cold head, an imported thermocouple, a temperature control system, a vacuum system, a non-contact deformation measurement system, a high-power DC power supply, a superconducting magnet, a universal testing machine, etc.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. It can carry out wire tensile test of superconducting materials in ultra-low temperature environment.

2. Test attachment: The chuck is made of materials with excellent thermal conductivity, and the bearing frame is made of low thermal conductivity and high-strength composite materials.

3. The deformation measurement adopts a non-contact deformation measurement system, which is composed of imported industrial cameras, image acquisition, image analysis software, etc., which can complete the two-dimensional deformation measurement of the sample.

4. The vacuum system is composed of mechanical pump and molecular pump, the vacuum degree is measured by a composite vacuum gauge, and the partial sealing of wires, electrodes, loading attachments and other parts is sealed in a special way, and the internal and external connections of the cavity are carried out through special multi-pin aviation plugs.

5. The G-M (liquid helium) compressor unit is used to cool the sample directly through the cold head. No liquid helium is lost during the test and no liquid helium recovery device is required.

6. Superconducting magnets are installed in the vacuum chamber, and the uniformity of magnetic field strength is ≤1%.

7. The temperature measuring element is an imported thermocouple suitable for working in an ultra-low temperature environment.

8. Temperature control system: Embedded integrated touch screen HMI is adopted, which can display test data, system control parameters, equipment operation status, alarm prompts, etc. in real time. Reserve the USB interface to import and export test data and change control programs. The SMS module can be added, and it has the function of SMS notification of alarm information.


Third, the main technical parameters


Operating temperature range

Room temperature ~4.2K (-269°C)

Refrigeration medium

Liquid helium

Ultimate vacuum


Number of cold heads

2 pcs

Cooling rate

Cold head down to 4.2K Time: ≤2 hours

Strain measurement accuracy


Strain measurement range


Accuracy of temperature measurement and control instruments

Level 0.2

Sensitivity of measuring and controlling temperature instruments



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