Type 1200 ultra-high temperature (vacuum) multi-functional rapid irradiation thermal energy environment comprehensive testing system

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1. Overview

The 1200 ultra-high temperature (vacuum) multi-functional rapid irradiation thermal energy environment comprehensive test system adopts vacuum vertical split structure design, the core cavity adopts a high-temperature quartz tube cavity suitable for 1200 °C, the upper and lower cavities are equipped with vacuum water-cooled sealing flange covers, and are equipped with quick-connection detachable vacuum pressing devices, and apply a certain compression force to the upper and lower vacuum sealing flange covers and quartz pipe cavities, so as to achieve the basic hardware purchase conditions required by the tested specimen in the test process, that is, to meet the positive pressure/negative pressure required for the test(vacuum) basic technical conditions.

The rapid rise and fall of temperature system adopts a short-wave halogen tube heating element to surround and arrange along the inner cavity of the furnace, and the quartz vacuum chamber is irradiated to quickly rise and fall and keep the temperature constant. According to the needs of test and use, the system can be configured with programmed intelligent and controllable inert gas transmission and discharge, air transmission and discharge, steam transmission and discharge, water and liquid transportation and other related functions at the same time, and combined with the long-lasting creep test and intelligent HMI integrated control system, it can realize the loading-loading-unloading/unloading //rapid heating-constant temperature-rapid cooling //inert gas transmission and discharge//air transmission and discharge//steam transmission and discharge// Comprehensive test of deformation measurement and fatigue breaking mechanical properties of water-liquid transport and discharge//and tested specimens.

The system is equipped with related vacuum, measurement and monitoring systems, and the vacuum is obtained according to the different vacuum levels required for customer testing.

The whole machine is equipped with automatic compressor refrigeration, that is, a constant temperature water cooling circulation system, which can continuously and effectively cool the parts that need to be cooled in the system.

The intelligent control system adopts HMI intelligent man-machine interface touch screen, the relevant operating system is incorporated into the HMI intelligent man-machine interface touch screen control, the overall control and real-time display of the equipment are included in its management, equipped with relevant interfaces, which is convenient for the use of its related functions and data transmission, and the temperature setting and intelligent control are incorporated into the HMI intelligent human-machine interaction touchable control system, and the operator can directly operate according to the text prompts on the HMI intelligent man-machine interface, without remembering complex instructions. Just click the corresponding button according to the text prompt to select and enter.

Safety protection system // over-temperature protection, overload protection, over-current protection, phase sequence protection, short circuit, over-temperature and over-pressure alarm, water cut-off alarm and other functions.

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