FRCJ-1600 ultra-high temperature fully automatic impact testing system

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1. Product introduction

It is used to complete the automatic performance of metals, non-metals, ceramics and composite materials at the ultra-high temperature ambient temperature of +800°C~+1600°C, and this equipment can fully meet the automatic Charpy impact test of metal materials and non-metallic materials in the ultra-high temperature atmospheric environment of 1400°C.

Second, the main performance characteristics

The main body of FRCJ-1600 ultra-high temperature automatic impact test system is a fully automated program control product, mechatronics design, no human intervention is required in the whole test process, and it can realize ultra-high temperature +800 °C ~ +1600 °C temperature zone state [automatic rapid temperature rise and fall - automatic sample into the furnace - automatic heating - automatic constant temperature - automatic furnace - automatic grabbing - automatic transfer in place - automatic impact - automatic data processing and upload and storage, and remote monitoring], the whole process of impact test is fully automatic program control, It only takes 6 seconds for the sample to be completed from the high temperature area to the impact testing machine test bench to the completion of the impact test, which can fully meet the requirements of relevant industry technical standards and the needs of impact testing of high-temperature and ultra-high-temperature materials.


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