QZRD-300 vacuum multi-field coupling pebble bed comprehensive performance testing device

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1. Product Introduction:

The QZRD-300 pebble bed vacuum high temperature multi-field physical coupling comprehensive test platform can measure the thermomechanical properties such as high temperature compression creep of the pebble bed, the gas flow field inside the pebble bed, the thermal properties of the pebble bed, and the thermal physical properties of the pebble bed.

For further study of the measurements

1. The equivalent thermophysical properties of tritium breeder pebble→i.e., equivalent thermal conductivity and temperature distribution of the pebble;

2. Tritium extraction gas flow characteristics of tritium proliferator pebble bed→ namely: gas pressure difference (pressure drop), flow rate, pressure, etc.;

3. Exothermic mechanical properties such as tritium proliferator pebble beds→ namely: stress-strain characteristics, equivalent elastic modulus, yield strength, etc.

The impact of the extrusion of the structural material on the pebble bed and the possible breakage of the pellets on the service life of the pebble bed caused by the inconsistency of the thermal expansion coefficient between the pebble bed and the structural material provides a more realistic technical and data support for the design and optimization of the solid tritium-producing cladding.

2. System Composition:

QZRD-300 pebble bed vacuum high temperature multi-field physical coupling comprehensive test system is mainly composed of: large frame high temperature compression-Creep material testing system (including deformation extension measurement system), high temperature vacuum inflatable environment device, intelligent temperature control system, vacuum and inflation and flow control system, thermal conductivity measurement system, flow field measurement system, constant temperature water-cooled circulation system, vacuum chamber mobile support system, The electrical control system and other subsystems are composed of the ballbed performance integrated test device (ventilable compression fixture) and other related parts.

3. Main performance and characteristics:

1. The high-temperature vacuum chamber adopts the structure of the front large door, the upper and lower cold silos, the middle hot chamber, and the compression of the large frame. The creep material testing system carries out the compression test of the pebble bed, which is mainly used to test the stress-strain characteristics of the compressed pebble bed in the high-temperature vacuum state.

2 The thermal conductivity test system is mainly used to measure the equivalent thermal conductivity, equivalent thermal diffusivity and equivalent volumetric specific heat of the particle bed. That is, the compressive load of the pebble bed at high temperature is measured accordingly by using and integrating the hot wire method or the thermal probe method.

3. The fluid measurement system is mainly used to measure the differential pressure of the pebble bed test section and the absolute pressure of the inlet and outlet. That is, when the pebble bed is subjected to compressive load at high temperature, the flow field and pressure drop distribution in different areas of the pebble bed are measured by pre-designing multiple acquisition channels and associated collection chambers, and integrating corresponding measurement probes and sensors.

4. The vacuum system is composed of mechanical pumps, roots pumps, molecular pumps and related vacuum gate valves, pipelines, vacuum measurement and control instruments, sensors, etc., which can effectively meet the requirements of double vacuum under the operating conditions of high temperature and pressure load in vacuum chamber and pebble bed chamber.

5. Vacuum heating element and corresponding heat insulation part; The vacuum electric heating element uses double semicyclic molybdenum alloy to provide a uniform and continuously controllable test working thermal field for the bherbed through electric heating, and its circumferential ring of each insulating part can effectively block and reduce the radiation high temperature overflow of the test thermal field in the vacuum chamber, and effectively ensure the uniform and constant working temperature of the belle.

6. The central control system is equipped with an embedded integrated (HMI) color touch screen, which can dynamically display parameters and curves, among which the temperature measurement and control system has a PC communication interface, optional computer software, and data collection, document storage, parameter setting, retrieval and analysis and other functions, and can set up program automation operations, and can remove all components from the system for fully intelligent program management.

7 safety devices; It has the functions of water cut-off, power-off, abnormal pressure, under-voltage protection, overload protection, over-current protection, phase sequence protection, over-temperature alarm and so on.





Main technical parameters and specifications (for reference only)


Testing machine load


The temperature at which the ball bed is used


Constant Temperature Area



The average temperature ≤± 10°C

Average temperature in the pebble bed (°C).

Negotiate according to the actual use needs of customers

Effective in ventable compressed ball bed (mm).




Working vacuum

(Individually controlled)

Vacuum chamber 10Pa

The ball bed 10Pa

Working status

Vacuum + inflation (inflation rate and injection volume can be adjusted and controlled)

Maximum pressure at the inlet of the ball bed


Thermal conductivity measurement range


Operating voltage


Transformer capacity

about 3075KW


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