-196℃ low temperature mechanical testing system

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1. Product introduction

      It is used for short-term tensile, compression, bending and other mechanical properties of non-metallic materials such as rubber and plastics, superconducting materials and metal materials in ultra-low temperature environment.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. Liquid nitrogen immersion refrigeration is adopted, and the temperature is -196°C.

2. The test attachment is placed in a dewar, and the composite material is selected, which is non-brittle, small expansion and high strength at low temperature.

3. It can complete tensile, compression, bending and other tests, and measure the deformation of the sample.

4. The deformation measurement device can use domestic or imported deformation sensors to directly measure the deformation within the specimen gauge distance.

5. The dewar is installed in the tensile space of the testing machine, and the compression and bending tests are completed by the reaction frame.

6. NiCrAuFe thermocouple is used for temperature measurement, with high low temperature accuracy and stable performance.


Third, the main technical parameters


Operating temperature


Temperature fluctuations


Effective dimensions inside the test setup

Customized on demand

Dewar volume


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