Semiconductor high and low temperature test equipment

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1. Product introduction

It is used for mechanical tests of polymer composite materials at different ambient temperatures without air flow and other external disturbances.

It is mostly used in national defense, medical treatment, environmental protection, petrochemical industry, biological engineering, electronic communication and other fields.


Second, the main performance characteristics

1. Using high-power semiconductor components as cold and heat sources, there is no noise, no vibration, no air flow and other disturbances when the test chamber works.

2. Refrigeration does not require dry ice, ammonia, nitrogen, freon and other refrigerants, which is environmentally friendly, safe, low temperature and fast refrigeration.

3. Heating breaks through the traditional heating method, no need for heating elements such as furnace wire, and the heating is fast.

4. Adopt advanced AI artificial intelligence adjustment algorithm, with parameter self-tuning function, continuous temperature adjustment, and accurate temperature control.

5. Adopt water-cooled self-circulating heat dissipation mode to reduce water waste.


Third, the main technical parameters


Technical parameters Specifications and models
Rated power 8.5KW
Maximum current 30A
Temperature range -20℃~+120℃
relative error ±0.7℃
Temperature measuring element Pt100
Heating/cooling Ternary solid solution alloy components
Size of the inner cavity 130*130*400mm (or customized on demand)
Cabinet size 380*385*550mm (or customized on demand)

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