Steering gear durability high and low temperature test device

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Product Introduction

1. It is used for the simulation test of the working condition of the automobile steering machine in the high and low temperature environment.

2. The large high and low temperature environmental chamber is installed on the steering machine test bench. The rotating arm and the rotating shaft extend into the environmental chamber from the rear and lower parts of the furnace body respectively, and the steering machine test device is installed inside the environmental chamber.

3. The test system as a whole is composed of a steering machine durability testing machine, a testing machine control system, a large environmental box box, a cascade compressor unit, and a temperature measurement and control system.

4. The inside and outside of the box are made of high-quality stainless steel plates, with double doors, which is very convenient for installation, disassembly and replacement of test pieces; The door is equipped with a quartz glass observation window with self-heating defrost function, and the box is illuminated; It is convenient to observe the changes of the test pieces in the chamber and the overall observation of the operating state during the test.

5. The structure and position of the circulating air duct and evaporator in the box are specially designed to fully meet the requirements of temperature uniformity and temperature accuracy of the large-volume box.

6. The overall design of the equipment adopts assembled structure design, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble, and simple to operate.

7. Safety device: fan overload protection, compressor overpressure, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, phase sequence protection, circuit breaker protection function.


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